Vastu - Remedies

Sunday, 23 April 2017


1. While considering to built Cinema hall, few vaastu points, be followed, one among is, the plot should be perfect combination of location, soil, and direction.

2. Take care, while, zeroing in on acquiring land ,see that the place, was not used previously, as,morgue, crematory, hospital, or, anything unsacred and unsanitary.

3. Always remember to begin construction from West and take it to South

4. You should make the sitting of viewers be East or North ,while waching movie, and , the Screen be installed accordingly.

5. Bear in mind, to install, Projectors in South-west direction.

6. Always, as per vastu principle, electrical equipments, be in the direction of South-East.

7. While see, that, washrooms and toilets be, in North-west, facing North or South.

8. As per vastu, South-west, direction best for vehicle parking.

9. Lastly, see that south - east direction be used for Canteen or kitchen.