Vastu - Remedies

Vastu - Remedies


1) Be sure, while, having food face yourself always towards East or North direction.

2) See that kitchen be always in South-east and avoid cooking in North-East, as placing Kitchen here, begets health issues.

3) Keeping water in the North-east side of room is to be followed.

4) While sleeping head should be always in, South or East direction and care should be taken as to not sit or sleep directly under beam and keeping bed inches away from wall is considered to be best and should be followed.

5) South-west  side of portion is ideal for elderly people or owner of house.

6) Mobile phones and any other gadget should be kept away from bed, and, care to be taken not to place any iron items under sleeping bed.

7) Cover mirrors, especially that placed in bedroom, including laptop screen and TV screen etc.

8) Be sure not to construct kitchen and toilet together, ensure youself that both be placed in maximum distance.

9) Make sure not to use place under staircase for kitchen, toilet, but only to use for storage.

10) Auspicious  colour for North-east direction is green

Marital Bliss:

1). Bedroom in North-West is best for the newly married couple.

2) Using of dark colours on the bedroom wall is to be avoided.

3). See that the shape of bed be always in perfect square or rectangle.

4). Single mattress on cot is to be used in the bedroom.

5). See that the bedroom be always tidy and clean.

6). Mirrors in the bedroom are not preferable.

7). Keeping minimum distance of 4 feet between gas and sink in the kitchen is preferable to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

8). Make sure pillows and artifacts be in pairs , in bedroom.

9). Crystals , especially, rose quartz gives peace, tranquility and understanding in married life, when placed near to bed in the room.


For students:

1). Students table should be in regular shape like square or rectangle with minimal size not too big, not too small.

2). While reading/studying students should face East or North.

3). Reading table should maintain little distant between wall and study table.

4). East, North or North-east which are considered best to keep books.

5). Study table should be neat and articles or books not be scattered all over as it lead to distraction

6). see that in East or North direction, windows be placed in study room.

7). South-east corner of study table placing a lamp is best.

8). Reading room walls should be painted with light Colour.

9). Placing sitting laughing Buddha on study table, improves concentration of readers.

For professionals:

1). Regular shape in square, rectangle of office desk is preferred in office.

2). while glass top-tables can be opted as per modern ambience it is best if placed in west direction, otherwise the best alternative is wooden desk.

3). Care should be taken not to place sharp edged tables in meeting and conference rooms.

4). While sitting you should always be far away from main door in the conference room.

5). Back of chairs/resting should always be high for chairs that the professional sit in.

6). Always care to be taken not sit with your back exposed to main door/entrance., and it is always best if you face North direction. And also check whether any beam exposed and running parallel above the head of chair that you are sitting in, which is to be avoided sitting under.

7). It is best for creative professional to be seated along the back of wall and see that entrance of such offices to have quite a distance from the main door.

8). Placing a crystal on table/desk promotes monetary flow and also better if you could light red colured lamp or paint, Southern corner of office.

Money -Matters:

1). First and foremost make sure doors and windows of house or business concern be clean for a flow of positive energy thereby gaining in financial matters.

2). Care to be taken while constucting that entrance of house never to be obstructed by things like electric poles, vehicle, plant or wires and also it is to be noticed that there no T-pointed house, best to be avoided.

3). You should see that main door of house/concern not giving jarring noise while opening and closing, as the creaky sounds make way for negative energy.

4). Always best to Keep your cash in South-west portion of house, and the safe opening be North.

5). Make sure taps at home be not dripping water/ droplets even while tap is closed, as it leads to unnecessary expenditure,hence, leakage of taps to be arrested.

6). Growing plants/money plants in toilets arrests unnecessary outflow.

7). It good to keep in cash box, a small mirror as it reflect money kept in.

8). Due care be given to keep North-east portion of house  as it should be always be clean and see that, there should be no septic and over-head tanks in this area. And having underground tank in the area is best to improve flow of money.