Vastu - Remedies

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Vastu - Drawing Room (9)

Each room has eight directions taken individually, and, so one must be aware of the facts, which direction to used for placing items and articles etc, and design keeping following points in mind.

1) Drawing Room is best in the east or north and its door should be in East or West.

2) Should be facing the east or in the north direction while Sitting,

3) Furniture or decoration should be in the west or the south direction, as they are heavy and is best for them, as heaviness is the element of both corners.

4) Chandelier should not be at the center of the room as to make the Bhrmasthaan light.

5) TV be placed in the southeast portion of the drawing room as all electrical gadgets should be in SE quadrant, as it is the fire zone.

6) Northeast corner is the place for Portraits of god and pictures of waterfalls.

7) Northwest corner is for stuffed dolls,like teddy bear etc,

8) Furniture of the roomshould be square or rectangular and not be in circular, triangular, egg shaped hexagonal or odd shapes.

9) Care should be taken not to display of portraits, like birds, animals, women, weeping children, scenes from the wars etc,as they emit negative vibrations.

10) white, yellow, blue or green are the colours to be used for  walls and  tiles.

11) See that no photograph of God be hanged above the entrance door, from outside.