Vastu - Remedies

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Vastu - Kids Room (10)

Kids room is important while designing  and care should be taken in order to make your child an all-rounder. Vastu suggests placing things at proper location according to corresponding direction such as study table, bed, bathroom, and clock, and window, door and so on, so as to make children mind active and positive.

Few tips of Vastu to be followed as under:

1) West is best direction, when it comes to children room.

2) placing bed in the South-west portion of room and head towards South or East direction , while sleeping.

3) Children room's door, should not be facing the bed directly.

4) Avoid, furnishing in middle or centre of the room as it creates obstruction, while, South-west direction is best for furniture and all the furnishing  should be kept 3” away from the wall.

5) Cabinets and closets should be placed in South or West direction.

6) Computers should be placed in North and Television in South-east but  Avoidance of TV, computer/laptop in children room is as far best as they affect concentration and health..

7) Avoidance of mirror in children room is best, even more best if it is not placed at all.

8) East, North or North-east is the place for Study table. Study area should be neat and clean for better results.

South-east direction is for Good lights, while avoiding sharp lamps on study table is best.

           Children room , walls should be painted with Green or Blue hue and
           East or North, doors of rooms be placed for best results.