Vastu - Remedies

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Vastu - OFFICE (11)

1. As per Vastu offices that face east direction, considered to be good.

2. Make sure shape of the plot be not irregular, it should be square or rectangle in shape.

3. It must be seen that Water resource or element, must be placed or installed in North-east.

4. While dealing with clients, the owner should face North direction.

5. For the staff the placement is best in Northern or eastern sides.

6. Care to be taken that, there should not be a sitting directly under the beam for staff.

7. Make sure placement of reception chamber be in North-east.

8. As per vastu sitting position for managerial level and other high level people, be in Southern or Western portion as could face North or East.

9. Please bear in mind placement of idols or photos of god be in North-east in the office.

10. North-west or North-east is also considered best for Waiting room.

11. To get best results as per vastu , make sure colours of office walls, light and pleasing.

12. Care to be taken if there is provision for pantry for staff , location should be in the corner of South-east.

13. See that, washrooms be built in West or North-western side.