Vastu - Remedies

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Vastu - FACTORIES (14)

1). while planning for setting up of factory, due care to be given for direction of location, it should be remebered it is best to be located in East, North or North-east directions.

2). Make sure to erect main gate with two huge shutters and, see that , the gate be in the East direction.

3). Construction of chairman/heads, room be in East or North side of the building, while sitting position should be North facing considered best for making usual /business transactions.

4). Always remember to allocate North -West portion for warehouse/storage of finished goods for better movement in terms of turnover.

5). Its, best, if you could place worshop area and maintenance in South or South-West side.

6). Provide room for Electrical equipments, meters, generators, boilers etc in South-east direction.

7). Ensure, factory washrooms/toilets be in North-West, or South - East, while, septic tank be in North-west/North or South-east/South.

8). South-West corner be alloted for Raw material.

9).See that, Machines heavy or lighter should be located in North or East sides and avoid locating in , centre, North-east or North-west.

North-East area is for water element and so tube-well or bore well be provide and see that construction of Overhead tank be in South-west side.