Vastu - Remedies

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Vastu - HOTELS (13)

1). As per  Vastu for hotels,  irregular shape of plots be avoided they should always in regular shapes like rectangular and square.

2) As far as location is concerned , see that it, should have atleast two or more roads more importantly on the North or East side.

3). Always observe, while constructing ,to, keep open space a bit in North and East.

4). See, that , always in the corner of South - East install kitchen.

5). Kitchen, More importantly, be, constructed at Ground floor.

6). Due care to be given for proper ventilation , lighting etc. For hotels.

7). Make sure, while designing due care, for installtion of electrical equipments, be given,  and points for geysers, meters must be only in specfied side.

8). If, hotel offers, lodging facility , and also having visitor’s room should be made in South-west with beds placing in South/West.

9). Eastern or Northern direction is best suited for balcony for rooms of hotel.

10). If possible , give importance to premises of hotel, if you could get more vacant space, its good as, it gives nice flow of energry to attract customers.

11). Always remember, to construct In the direction of North-West or West- Washroom and toilets.