Vastu - Remedies

Monday, 20 March 2017

Vastu - Schools/Educational Institutions (12)

1). As per Vastu educational institutes in the direction of East be considered best and making entrance in North-east, be followed.

2). While constructing make sure for leaving significant space in the direction of  East and North-east., at the same time, you can make use, for construction using other directions, that are South, West and South-west.

3). Make it a point that entrance of classrooms be in East, blackboard be placed in West.

4). As per vastu south-west or southern direction, is for principal room/office, but remember, while, sitting facing should always be best in North.

5). See that admininstrative block /room , like, reception and cashier be located in Eastern or Northern side.

6). Always make sure, that, room for staff to be in the direction of North-west.

7). Make east facing entrance/door, while, ensuring conference rooms be in North.

8). Consider having Library in the institution be in Western side, as it is best.

9). Remember, while designing teachers platform /desk, it should be above the ground, a little high.

10). You should also keep in mind , that, no student be sitting directly under beam, if so, it should be avoided.

11). Allot east portion of institution for open play ground.

12). As for canteen in the institution, concerned, south - east corner is the place to be.

13). North-west, is considered best, when it comes to Toilets/washrooms.